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Distributor of Manhole blowers, gas monitors, Safety tripods and more. 

• Supporting the maintenance, improvement and management of water and sewer systems.

At City Build Supplies we strive to provide sewer and water quality products at competitive pricing to our clients so that they can in turn, provide the highest quality water and sewer service. We understand the value of these systems and the benefits of well- maintained systems to protect the environment. Our sewer and water systems must be maintained 24 hours/7 days a week and when a high priority project comes up, City Build responds with great customer service, fast quoting processes and on-time delivery. At City Build Supplies we are committed to responding to our customers.

City Build Supplies supports companies that maintain, improve and manage the water and sewer systems throughout the United States. Our product line includes manhole blowers, gas monitors, safety tripods and more.

At City Build Supplies, we ensure that we provide the highest quality water and sewer products at the lowest possible price.

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At City Buld we happily work with companies to submit Request for Proposals (RFP’s) and Invitations to Bid. Browse our online catalog or call us today.

Manhole Blowers

Manhole Blower #1375D 

These axial “Air Pac” are blower, hose, and storage canister all-in-one.
Light weight steel constructed blowers

Safety Tripod #8301000

For use in raising or supporting personnel or materials in a confined
space such as manholes, tanks, vaults, bins, etc.


4-Gas Monitor

Industrial Scientific is pleased to offer the M40, a versatile multi-gas
monitor capable of detecting CO, H2S, O2, and combustible gases for
a wide variety of hazardous and confined space applications..


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