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Distributors of OTDR, Splice closure, Duct rodding and more for the telecommunications industry

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At City Build, we provide quality telecommunications products to the industry, including OTDRs, Splice closures, Duct rodding, so that our clients can deliver voice communications, data, graphics, television, and video. As a supplier of telecommunications products, City Build is committed to on-time delivery to support our customers with the ever increasing speeds of telecom services and the increasing number of ways in which these services must be delivered. At City Build, we not only provide telecommunication products to wireline telephone communication companies, once the primary service of the industry, but we also are at the forefront of supplying products to clients in the wireless communication services, Internet service, and cable and satellite program distribution.

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- 850/1300 nm Multimode and 1310 /1550 nm single-mode OTDR

- 1310/1550 nm Single-Mode OTDR

Splice Closures

Available in Three Sizes 8”, 10” or 11.5” Diameter 
Splice Trays are Hinged 
Aerial & Underground Applications 
Butt Closure with Gel Sealing Technology-No Heat Shrink 
Gel Seal Automatically Adjusts to Cable Size and Shape


Duct Rodding

And other cable installation products.


At City Build, we keep up with the rapid technological changes in the telecommunications industry. Our products and customer service set us apart. Browse our on-line catalog where you'll find OTDRs, Splice closures, and Duct rodding as well as hundreds of additional products.  Call us today!

At City Build, we continue to support the largest sector of the telecommunications industry - wired telecommunications carriers.

Our engineers and service support specialists know the transmission of data, video, and graphics requires high bandwidth capacity. As the demand increases for high-capacity transmissions—especially with the rising volume of Internet data—telecommunications companies have been expanding and upgrading their networks to increase the amount of available bandwidth and City Build is partnering with these companies to provide quality telecommunication products at competitive pricing.

City Build is also proud to support Wireless telecommunications carriers, resellers of telecommunication services and companies in the industry that, transmit voice, graphics, data, and Internet access. With the growing number of consumers choosing to replace their home landline phones with wireless phones, City Build understand the time pressure our clients are under and we deliver our telecommunication products with this in mind. We provide our customers with a rapid quoting process and on time deliveries of all our telecommunication products.

City Build fully supports Telecommunications carriers that are expanding their bandwidth with fiber optic cable. At City Build, we distribute large quantities of Fiber optic cable, as well as fiber optic products such as Fiber Optic ODTRs, Fiber Optic Patch Cords and Jumpers, Fiber Optic Outdoor Splice Closures and Fiber Optic Fusion Splicers.

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